Learn How to Cool Your Phone, Protect Smartphone from Heat

Learn How to Cool Your Phone, Protect Smartphone from Heat

You know that day where you do a lot of things one after another and you don’t have time to stop to rest for a minute? But you know you need to take a break and cool off, or you can’t take it.

Learn How to Cool Your Phone, Protect Smartphone from Heat

With your phone, it’s the same thing! Leaving multiple applications open at the same time causes it to hot, lock, and slow down. And this excessive heat is an invisible danger to smartphones. Here’s how to protect and cool your phone!

How can I protect my smartphone from the heat?

Do not expose to the sun for long periods

Exposing your device directly to the sun affects its internal temperature and affects devices such as the motherboard, battery, and screen. Therefore, try to keep your phone in a shaded place and use acrylic weeds so as not to expose the housing directly to the surface.

Turn off functions that you are not using

This causes the processor to work less and consume slight power. Take the opportunity to disable functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and others.

Install an application to monitor device usage

An application capable of monitoring the temperature and warning the correct time to cool the phone is the best ally to keep the temperature at the ideal point.

Do not leave for long periods in your pocket

Inside a pocket, the smartphone not only receives ambient temperature and incidence of the sun, it also receives heat from your body and even sweat in some cases.

Do not expose the appliance to long loads on hot days

Leaving the appliance to recharge beyond the optimal period helps to increase the internal temperature, which associated with heat, can reduce the life of your battery, as well as the durability of the loads.

Avoid taking your phone to the beach

The beach is an uneasy environment for your device. A simple crack, however small, is a loophole so that water, sea air, or sand can come into contact with the internal circuit of your device. If the temptation to spend a few hours of the day without a phone, photos, and social networks is a temptation, try to keep your phone in a compartment protected from the dangers of the beach.


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