Genshin Impact: 4 Important Tips for Beginners

Genshin Impact: 4 Important Tips for Beginners

MiHoYo’s RPG game is based on using elemental spells and switching between party characters to perform combos. See below, 4 important tips for beginners to stay focused on the beginning of the Genshin Impact game. The game has some details that make the balance between the characters in the group to be essential, one will complement the others, performing combos.

Genshin Impact: 4 Important Tips for Beginners

1. A game about elements

You can even use the good old hack and slash to get past enemies. Combining different weapons at the same time (bows, swords, etc.), each featuring its own attack style.

Normal enemies can fall simply by pressing the attack button, but there are also groups that are resistant to normal attacks, so they call for Elemental Combos. Therein lies the importance of the elements in Genshin Impact.

Using the elements

There are seven elements in Genshin Impact: Anemo, Geo, Cryo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro and Dendro. As you acquire more characters and switch between them, you’ll be able to create the most powerful elemental combos to stun, slow down and defeat special enemies.

Attacking them with a barrage of different elements will also create explosive elemental reactions to break down your enemies’ defenses.

Weapon and element combinations are very large in Genshin Impact, so choosing the right characters to suit the user’s team and playstyle is a big factor.

2. Character Level and Adventure Ranking

Another unusual concept in the game is the different approach between character levels and adventure rankings. The character level is like in other games, it determines the strength and points of your characters individually.

In the adventure ranking, the concept is a little different. It’s an account-wide progression level, being increased through Adventure EXP. It is the “true” level of the main character.

Leveling up will unlock advanced features and functions in the game. Basically, it tracks the user experience itself. Upon reaching a certain AR ( Adventure Rank), players can ascend from the current world to the next, either automatically or by completing the Ascension Quest. Levels are pegged, maximum character level equals adventure ranking.

3. How to level up fast

As in all RPGs, the player’s goal is to level up quickly in order to face greater challenges. Some tips can be helpful when deciding what is most worth doing.

Do the story missions

Completing story missions is one of the best ways to increase your adventure rankings – they’re the main component of Genshin Impacts, so you just have to play them as planned. Once the user gets the hang of it, progressing through each mission will be more exciting than just crunching.

Play the daily quests or commissions

The player will find many Daily Commissions when unlocking them at Level 10. These tasks are routine and basically tell you to perform specific missions, like defeating a boss or killing 10 enemies.

You can still choose between 4 smaller missions, don’t worry, they are updated daily so you don’t have to repeat them.

The best thing about daily commissions is that they give you XP and other quest rewards just for completing easy tasks.

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