How to Mute Video with InShot

How to Mute Video with InShot

InShot ( Android | iOS ) is a photo and video editor that has several features, even in its free version. It allows exploring various possibilities in its functions, among them, taking audio from videos, such as the original sound of street noise, to put a personalized soundtrack.

The paid version starts from R $ 9.99 / month, R $ 33.99 / year, or one-time purchase for R $ 99.99 in which there are more transitions, stickers, and effects available, in addition to using the application without advertisements. See below how to mute videos and have a copy of them with the InShot app.

How to take video audio using InShot

Step 1: open the InShot application and click on “Video”.

How to Mute Video with InShot

Step 2: Click on “New”.

Step 3: Your device’s video library will open, touch the video you will edit.

Step 4: with the video open, scroll the toolbar to the left to “Volume” and tap on it.

Step 5: There are two ways to remove the sound. In the first, just slide the volume until zero. Then, click in the upper right corner to confirm the change.

How to Mute Video with InShot

Step 6: Another way is, when entering the volume, press the “Extract audio” button.

How to Mute Video with InShot

Step 7: two tracks will appear below the tools, the first being audio, and the one underneath, will be images. Touch the track for the sound and hold; it will have a white frame.

Step 8: Click on “Delete” and then confirm on the icon in the right corner.

Step 9: the audio track will disappear. To confirm, just click on the icon in the right corner.

Ready! You now know how to remove audio from your videos in the InShot app.

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