Fix Google Maps Shows Incorrect GPS Position on Android

Fix Google Maps Shows Incorrect GPS Position on Android

Fix your Google Maps with these simple Android solutions if your current location is incorrect, GPS is incorrect, data is inaccurate, etc. are displayed.

Fix Google Maps Shows Incorrect GPS Position on Android

Google Maps is the most searched and used Android application for location services. The app has finished 1.5 Billion downloads and is also used as an API service by other independent apps for food delivery and product availability using location tracking.

Therefore, if the Google map does not show the right location for you or your device (better said), you may experience problems using applications that depend directly on location-based services. Because these apps use the current location to identify you exactly. An incorrect current location can therefore lead to problems with the overall functioning of the application.

Google Maps works very easily using your network to find the location of your device using a GPS system built into your phone.

Today I will give some solutions to correct the problem of incorrect map position on Android.

Factors affecting GPS position

  • The number of GPS satellites at the current location
  • The quality of the GPS antenna on the smartphone
  • The implementation of the driver in the operating system


Incorrect Google Maps GPS position on Android

An incorrect location on Google Maps can hurt you and hurt you a lot if not corrected immediately. As an online software service, technical problems can always occur.

Here are the simple yet effective solutions for finding an incorrect GPS location on Google Maps.

Increase GPS accuracy

Go to the settings and look for the option called Local and make sure location services are turned on.

Now the first option in Local should be Mode, tap on it, and configure it with High precision. Your GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular network are used to estimate your location.

This consumes more battery but uses all available methods to obtain the most accurate location.

Disable fake locations

Step 1. First, go to your Android device’s settings.

Step 2. Now scroll down and look for the aforementioned Developer option.

If the developer option is not available, open “Via phone”.

Step 3. Now tap About phone 6-7 times in the assembled version. You will receive a message ” You are now a developer! ”

Fix Google Maps Shows Incorrect GPS Position on Android

Step 4. Now press the Back button and you will find the Developers option there.

Step 5. Open the Developers option and disable it.

Step 6. Or scroll down and disable Mock GPS manually.

Update your GPS data

Sometimes your device is stuck on certain GPS satellites, even if they are not in range. This can cause the device to malfunction.

To fix this, you can use an app like GPS Status & Toolbox to clear your GPS data.

In the app, tap anywhere on the screen → Menu icon → Manage A-GPS status → Reset When finished, go back to Manage A-GPS status → DownloadYour GPS data will be updated.

Uninstall the problem that causes the third-party application

You can check if one of the installed apps is causing the problem on your device simply by restarting in Safe Mode and searching for the GPS location in SafeMode.

If you find that Google Maps is working correctly in Safe Mode, any installed application is causing the problem. Uninstall all fake GPS apps, if installed on the device, and unconventional apps downloaded from sources other than the Play Store.

Update Google Maps and Play Services

This may solve the problem, as the updated G-Maps may contain patches to correct problems with the existing application version and system operating system.

Also update Google Play services, as they serve as a link between the Google Apps installed on the device and Google servers to ensure updates and the smooth functioning of G-Maps.

Calibrate your compass

If the radius of your blue dot on Google Maps is wide or points in the wrong direction, you will need to calibrate your compass.

  1. Open the Google Maps app.Google Maps
  2. Make a number 8 until your compass is calibrated. You only need to do this a few times.
  3. The beam should narrow and point in the right direction.

Fix Google Maps Shows Incorrect GPS Position on Android

Report the problem to Google

People at Google are very quick to solve problems. If you find an incorrectly named location or an incorrectly marked address, you can report an error to Google.

  1. Open Google Maps on your Android deviceGoogle Maps.
  2. Keep a point on the map with incorrect information to drop a pin.
  3. Touch the address below.
  4. Select “Suggest an edit”.

You can also send information about missing streets or wrong street names by setting the feedback from the application itself, which can be found in the menu item.

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Note & Conclusion: I hope the post helped to solve your GPS location problem on Google Maps.

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