How to Cast Android Screen to Laptop

Currently, several people work with their cell phones and their PCs at the same time. Often, for work, or for everyday activities, we need to mirror the cell phone screen with a computer to check some work, pass cell phone contents at some important meeting, or even record gameplay of some mobile game.

Check out in this tutorial how to connect the phone screen to the Windows 10 PC without the need to install any extra apps on your devices. The procedure was performed on a Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphone equipped with Android 9.0 Pie, however, it can be performed on any device with the Android operating system and any Windows 10 PC.

How to connect the phone screen to the PC

Step 1: Open the Windows “Start” menu and look in the search tab for the “Connect” program, which is already installed on Windows 10.

Step 2: keep the program open throughout the process, as you will not need to do any configuration.

Step 3: Open the “Settings” tab of your Android device and go to the “Connected Devices” option.

Step 4: in this tab, select the option “Connection preferences”.

Step 5: Select the option “Transmit”.

Step 6: After opening this tab, you will be able to select which device you would like to connect. Select the name of your computer, which will appear on this screen.

To access the connected devices, you can also use the Android’s top menu, by going to the option “Transmit with Chromecast”. It will search for the devices that are likely to be connected and, when it finds it, you can select your computer directly from this menu.

Step 7: You will now be able to access your mobile screen directly from your PC. All audio that should come out of the cell phone’s speaker, will now come directly from the PC. It is important to remember that this option does not allow you to use your smartphone with the mouse, it is only a mirror of the screen and all actions must be performed directly on your device.

How to Cast Android Screen to Laptop

Ready! Now you can mirror the screen of your Android smartphone with a Windows computer and even record it directly on the PC screen without any problem.

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