How to Take Screenshot on Sharp Aquos R2

How to Take Screenshot on Sharp Aquos R2

Producing a screen print or screenshot of your Sharp Aquos R2 from Sharp is the same as generating a photo of the image you see on it. This method can be very useful on different occasions, such as: saving that conversation in Messenger before important information is deleted; taking a picture of you on a video call with a colleague to display in status, or keep as a souvenir; preserving the moment you got the points record in your favorite play or take a picture of that image that you didn’t find another model to save. This Sharp Aquos R2 has a screen resolution of 1440 x 3040px (QHD ) with a size of 6″ inches.

How to Take Screenshot on Sharp Aquos R2

Most cell phones with Android 8.0 Oreo (such as the Sharp Aquos R2) have the option to take a screen print, however, without a specific button like there is on computer and notebook keyboards. Regardless of the manufacturer of your Sharp Aquos R2, by reading this text you will see how simple it is to store the image on your cell phone, file it in your photo gallery and share it whenever you want. Let’s see!

The most common way to take a screenshot with Sharp Aquos R2 is:

  • Open your Sharp Aquos R2 where you want to retain the image (print screen)
  • Simultaneously, hold and hold the “On/Off” and “Volume down” buttons for about 2 to 3 seconds or until you hear a sound and visualize the image being sent to your photo repertoire for that image taken will flash on your screen and it will be minimized, showing the transition from the copy of it to your Gallery.
  • To send it to a person, just look for the image in your photo gallery, select it and decide who to send it to or which social network to share.
  • If it doesn’t work, try to do the same with the “Home” “Volume down” buttons.

If your cell phone still has an old version installed, the screen capture can only be done with the help of an application, which can be detected in your virtual store. Note some choices below.

Create a screenshot of your Sharp Aquos R2 using apps.

Super Screenshot

Screen Master


ScreeShoot Touch

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