5 Reasons to Buy the LG V20

5 Reasons to Buy the LG V20

They are many reasons to buy the LG V20. What’s more, we are going to give you 5 Reasons to buy LG V20 because it is amazing and has no waste. This terminal is very complete. And it is attractive, especially for the photographic section and Android Nougat, with features of two stars.

5 Reasons to Buy the LG V20

As we read on Android Central, these are the reasons we recommend and with which we are 100% in agreement.

5 Reasons to buy LG V20

Android Nougat

The main reason is none other than Android Nougat. It is one of the few terminals that currently have Android Nougat (other than the Nexus). This is the new Google operation that you can take advantage of now with multiple windows, new quick settings, quick responses, and more.

The camera has many functions

If you are a fan of photography, you will be impressed by the LG V20. This terminal offers a lot of fun in the photographic section. In automatic mode, the wide-angle camera has 16 MP Rear and 8 MP front. This promises photos in style, so camera fans really like it.

You can also record slow-motion cinema videos. Many cameras features that you won’t find on other terminals. You can customize photos with effects.

In-camera manual controls for photos and videos

LG was one of the first manufacturers to implement manual controls for recording audio and video. The manual controls are spectacular. You can take photos or videos manually and enjoy full control over your photos.

Quality audio

The LG V20 features quality audio, 32-bit Quad DAC. For music lovers, this is perfect because they enjoy quality sound. Sounds better than most smartphones. I can record up to 132 decibels.

Comes with a removable battery

For battery lovers, yes, it comes with a removable battery. It is a 3,200 mAh battery that lasts the day without problems. You can easily remove it and change it when necessary. This is very good because you will have more options when it comes to autonomy.

Why would you buy this LG V20?

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