What is Surround Sound? [3D Audio]

What is Surround Sound? [3D Audio]

Far beyond stereo audio. See below, what is surround sound, what are the differences between the systems that are part of this audio technology classification. Will it be necessary to have specific equipment to understand the difference in sound? We look for these and other answers for the reader throughout the article.

What is Surround Sound? [3D Audio]

What is surround sound?

Let’s get to the basic definition of the concept, surround sound audio is simply the sound that surrounds you, outputs all over the place with a focus on the central object. It means a speaker in virtually every corner of the room, projecting high-quality digital sound from every angle, just as if you were in a movie theater, theater or music hall.

Deepening the concept

In addition to the placement of audio outputs, surround sound also means diversifying the timbres, with deep, thunderous bass, vibrating the floor with an explosion during a movie.

Subtle sound effects immersion, sliding like footsteps behind the viewer in a suspenseful scene. For music, it’s being totally immersed in the music you’re listening to, with independent channels for each instrument or group of them.

What makes up a surround sound system?

Basically, a surround sound system has the main speaker, the subwoofer, and the “satellite” or side speakers. For example, to get the most out of something with 5.1 audio quality, we’re going to need the main speaker 4 satellite speakers, two at the front and two at the back, in addition to the subwoofer.

Adding all that up, give 6 audio outputs, but it wasn’t 5.1? Some people are left with this doubt, but the fact that 5.1 means 6 audio outputs, the number is divided between speakers and subwoofers, so 5 1 = 6. What about 7.1? Likewise, looking at the number, we conclude that there are 8 different sound outputs.

Do you need to have your own sound system?

To have the real surround sound experience you need specific equipment, although some technologies do this simulation . So we defined, the minimum necessary to realize the qualities of a surround sound is 5 speakers plus a subwoofer.

If the user does not have this type of system, he will be without the sound sensation of space when watching movies. For music, a 2.1 system is enough, getting the feeling of being at the show, listening to the band play with your 2 ears.

That’s the definition of surround sound, investing in surround equipment will only bring a better spatial sensation of sound when watching movies and series, but don’t miss watching anything because of that. Have a good time!

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