Karryn’s Prison – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Karryn’s Prison - 100% Full Achievement Guide

There are x50 Achievements in Karryn’s Prison:

Karryn’s Prison - 100% Full Achievement Guide

  • It’s time to tidy this place up! !: Finish the Prologue
  • No Country For Old Orcs: Defeat the Level 1 Boss.
  • Slimy and the Brain: Defeat the Level 2 Boss.
  • The True Alpha of Fort Ganon: Defeat the Level 3 Boss
  • The Mountain That Walks: Defeat the Level 4 Boss.
  • The word” incapable” doesn’t appear in any of my personal records. I am not a literate person! !: Defeat the Final Boss
  • It’s easy. : Enact an Edict
  • Oh my God ……: Get more than ten Passives in one single game
  • I will not give to give up!: Experience Defeat
  • Goddess of Victory will be with you! !: Reach 100 C*ckiness
  • My First Kiss…: Kiss an inmate on the lips.
  • Hello To Fort Ganon… MMM!: Give first kiss to any visitor to Fort Ganon on their lips.
  • A sleepy Beauty The first kiss to the man’s front
  • Beauty and the Beast Hole Make the first kiss to man’s back area
  • Atypical Development You must lose back V-card first , before the the front V-card
  • It’s not my cup of tea. garbage!: Taunt an enemy
  • Don’t Pay, Directly to Jail If you are bankrupt, get it done.
  • Last but not least, some delicious food Enjoy an exquisite food.
  • Stay down!: Subdue a violent riot
  • Orderly Prison: Have 100 Order at the end of the day
  • A New Chapter: Reach 0 Order
  • I’m looking pretty good, isn’t it?: Have five Accessories to choose from
  • “Hello” End more than 30 waitress side work shifts
  • T-This is Karryn speaking…! You accidentally shout at the microphone during her receptionist’s job.
  • I arrived here to relax…: More than twenty people were served in the bathroom during one day.
  • I’m pretty good at dancing. And reaching a Dance Combo of 10 or more significant in the stripper part of the job
  • It’s time to go through them all. Then, collect the four volumes in Hero’s Guidelines.
  • The King of the Hill!: Beat the game with Strength Levels above all other statistics by 15 or more.
  • The technique is the most powerful. You can beat the game by having Dexterity Levels that are higher than other stats by at least 15
  • First Strike = Win Beat the game by having Agility Levels that are higher than other stats by at least 15
  • The best offense is a solid defense to beat the game by having Endurance Levels that are higher than other statistics with 15
  • “Warp Reality using Iron Will: Beat the game by having Mind Levels that are higher than autres stats by at least 15
  • Queen of Fighters Beats the game using The Prisoner Fighter title equipped all game from Level 1 in Warden or Prisoner Mode without game-overs.
  • I’m sorry to be a masochist who beat the game by completing the highest level of Masochism Sadism.
  • “Call Me Your Queen!” You can beat the game with at least ten different levels of Sadism over Masochism
  • The Ultimate Imperial Secretary The game is won during the first game playthrough of a brand new save file that has Emperor’s Secretary installed in Warden or Prisoner Mode without game-overs.
  • Your Majesty the Imperial: Save the first kiss and V-cards for both the Emperor as the Empress’s End
  • Incorruptible Pillar Beat the game without having any corruption created
  • Night of the Living Inmates: Beat Endless Prison Wave 15 on Prisoner Mode
  • Dante’s Inferno: Beat Endless Hell Wave 9 on Prisoner Mode
  • Does this help?: Read Yasu’s Note
  • Meow~!: Pet the Talking Cat
  • Game Time Free You can beat the game with more than 400 S. Levels
  • “Chuckles” You’re in trouble fighting a wanted enemy with the red color of his name
  • A poor Janitor: Make an unclean mess across the flooring
  • Are you sure there are enough titles?: Known by 72 different names
  • Fulfilled Promise: Reach the E. Ending.
  • Happy Life: Reach the H. Ending
  • Redemption beat the game by using The A Disappointment title, which is present in every game from Level 1 on Warden, or Prisoner Mode without game overs
  • Speed Run beat the game on the first attempt of a brand new save file in the space of 50 days in Prisoner or Warden Mode without game overs

Secret Achievements

There are x4 Secret Achievements in Karryn’s Prison:

  • A sleepy Beauty First kiss to man’s frontal area
  • Beauty and the Beast Hole First kiss to man’s back area
  • Atypical Development The idea is to lose the back V-card first, before the front V-card
  • Your Majesty, the Imperial First Kiss and both V-cards for Emperor at the Empress End.

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