How To Create Your Own ASMR Videos

How To Create Your Own ASMR Videos

ASMR (Vocal Videos That Give Almost Inexplicable Tones) is growing in popularity on YouTube. So whether you’re new to the scene or a veteran YouTube user looking to take off, this is the perfect time to transition to ASMR videos.

How To Create Your Own ASMR Videos

In this article, we’ll explain what ASMR is, before showing you how to create your own ASMR videos. While anyone can create an ASMR video, creating a quality video is a real skill.

What is ASMR technology?

ASMR stands for auto sensory channel response. It’s that warm feeling you get when someone whispers softly in your ear. It is represented by numbness and slight tingling that originates in the back of the brain and extends to the spine and extremities. As a result of exposure to certain auditory and visual stimuli, it provides a feeling of pleasure and complete relaxation, which varies from person to person.

Anything can trigger this, and different triggers work for different people. Think of the soft tones of the razor that flow into her ear as she cuts her hair or the crackle of a fire. ASMR is becoming one of the hottest trends on YouTube, with ASMR artists creating videos that cater to all tastes.

Some theoretical extrapolations on the subject indicate that people with depression or chronic pain may present temporary improvement in their symptoms after exposure to the ASMR phenomenon, which has become widespread in recent years in well-known networks, especially YouTube, where many people resort to living this experience. Strange and unique sensory as a way to get rid of daily stress at work, reduce anxiety or fear attacks, relieve headaches, immediate relaxation to help you sleep calmly and naturally without taking any sedatives or antidepressants.

What defines a good ASMR video?

Good ASMR videos should be, above all, calming. Whatever sound you play, you want to concentrate on relaxing the viewer or listener and creating what is called a “head prick”.

There are two basic types of audio found in ASMR videos:

ASMR Technology Methodology

ASMR methodology focuses on predictive and frequent sounds. Think of the continuous pounding of rain on an iron roof or the rhythmic pounding of a running machine.

ASMR Natural Technology

Normal ASMR videos are usually based on speech or other unexpected sounds. One of the biggest developments in the ASMR world has been the introduction of roleplaying videos, in which the content creator plays the role of, for example, an optometrist taking an eye exam.

How to get started with ASMR

When it comes to creating your own content, start by looking for existing ASMR channels. Since you’re just starting out, you might want to create videos based on the most popular voices from the ASMR community. After some getting used to, you can start creating experiments based on your own experiences.

Ask yourself what triggers these automatic responses in you. It can have a potential effect on other people too. As the number of followers increases, you may start receiving fan requests.

Because ASMR affects everyone differently (and has absolutely no effect on about 40% of the population), these categories offer plenty of room for experimentation. This will give you an insight into the sounds that attract the most viewers, just as you would any video on your channel. It can be as simple as a video of you scratching a frosted desk with a pen cap.

If you’re already a YouTuber, make your ASMR videos relevant to your existing content. So if you are a makeup tutorial creator, make sure you create ASMR videos with makeup brushes.

Finally, think about length. Many basic ASMR videos have a playtime of around 30 minutes, but there are many in the community who prefer ultra-long videos lasting three or four hours. Offer a mix and try what works for your audience.

What equipment do you need to create ASMR videos?

While popular ASMR content creators use professional (and expensive) hardware, this is not a requirement. It’s not about the equipment, it’s about how it’s used to stimulate those tingling sensations and sensations on the skin of your listeners.

To get started, you just need to provide:

  • Camera
  • MIC
  • Editing application

If you’ve subscribed to a YouTube game, you already have these things. Otherwise, you don’t need to deflate your motivator to buy the kit. Download the Free Professional Video Editing App, Enjoy DaVinci Resolve and record your videos with your phone.

However, a high-quality microphone is something you’ll want to invest in sooner rather than later. Specifically, the Binaural microphone.

These microphones record sound in XNUMXD. This means you can recreate the sounds the human ear hears, with sounds coming from left, right, forward, backward, up, and down. It’s especially useful for headphones, helping the viewer to feel like he really is.

Tips for recording ASMR videos

ASMR videos aim to keep people “in real-time”, whatever the moment. Using a microphone or inappropriate audio techniques will get them out of this situation faster than you can say with “Automatic channel response”.

keep your distance

It can be tempting to get close to the microphone, which creates deep, heavy recordings, but as a general rule, stay 6 to 12 inches away from the microphone. You can still get close when needed to get a certain effect; Which would have a lot more motivation if you treated this as an exception to the rule.

listen to yourself

Rate your voice. Do not breathe heavily into the microphone unless this is the desired effect, keep your ears open for silent, explosive or loud sound (a verbal sound produced by holding the airflow behind a point in the acoustic path and then releasing it at once, causing an audible sound) and whistles (whistling when using the S-word).

Silent explosion-proof audio filters connected to the microphone reduce interference; Hissing can be avoided by speaking into the microphone instead of directly. Before starting any recording and before saying a word, take a deep breath. Then he spoke. You can always edit the audio later.

Prepare a room for ASMR recordings

Consider your recording room. What I Don’t Have Home Studio Or a soundproof room, reduce any background noise such as the whistling of a computer fan or an adjacent TV. If these sounds don’t work with the video or might distract your listeners, remove them.

For this reason, most ASMR creators prefer to record at night, when uncontrollable outside sounds such as traffic and pedestrian conversations are at their least.

If you find the room you are getting echoed in, record in your closet (or open the closet door toward). Clothes will absorb these bouncy noises.

The signal to noise ratio

So, you prepared yourself and your equipment. His voice is silky smooth and soothed to a whisper. When you speak too softly, this can lead to a poor signal-to-noise ratio, so you should adjust your recording settings to ensure that the microphone picks up the signal (your voice or sound effects) and ignores noise (unwanted sounds).

If that happens, you can:

  • Reduce microphone reception, making it less sensitive.
  • Move closer to the microphone so the focus is on your voice or the sound effects you create.
  • Try a different mic, as some mics, such as dynamic mics, are more sensitive to background sounds than others, such as condenser mics. Others have some internal low-frequency sounds that can also end up in your audio.

Think visually

While your focus should be on audio, don’t neglect the visual elements of your video.

Most ASMR channels record the artist in front of the microphone because he creates all those delicious sounds, while the RPG videos show the creator acting out the scene in the proper visuals and costumes. The base video can place audio over related images. One of the popular visual accompaniments is the use of hand gestures to create a relaxing atmosphere.

What to do after recording an ASMR video

After recording your ASMR video, it’s time to think about your post-production.

With your video included in the editing suite, you can adjust volume levels. This will be useful to remove any background noise or hissing while allowing you to focus on specific elements of the audio (and blur other elements).

ASMR is not always recorded in the studio. Many artists add sound effects to their post-production videos that enhance the listening experience and draw viewers into the peaceful worlds they create.

Contain both Freesound, Free SFX, ZapSplat, BBC Sound Effects In extensive sound effects libraries, you can use to get additional effects.

However, make sure these elements have naturally infiltrated the audio recording. Always listen to the end of any recording you use; You don’t want this peaceful turmoil to be interrupted by the sudden screech of a crow or the noise of a truck that makes all your hard work in vain and overwhelms your spectators.

The perfect time to start creating ASMR videos

Now is the perfect time to create your own ASMR videos. Not just because of your high popularity, but because (in these difficult times) you can help others achieve a more relaxed mindset.

ASMR is a deeply personal experience and there are many different types, so respond to viewer comments and expect some trial and error when figuring out what your audience is looking for. ASMR also has an incredibly active community, so don’t be afraid to share and chat with artists and fans while honing your own style.

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