How Long does the Thermal Paste Last?

How Long does the Thermal Paste Last?

How long does the thermal paste last?

How Long does the Thermal Paste Last?

Like medicines and food, the thermal paste has a useful life and can expire. According to the manufacturers, the thermal paste lasts from 3 to 5 years. 1 How long does the thermal paste last? It may vary in terms of use and storage conditions. The solvents used to generate the thermal compound can dry out over time, making the thermal paste unusable.

What is thermal paste?

Thermal paste, also known as a thermal compound, is a cooling agent used to prevent the CPU from overheating. The main purpose of the thermal compound is to fill the air gaps between the CPU and its heatsink. 1

It allows the CPU to cool, increasing its speed and improving system performance, making the CPU run smoothly. 1

Types of thermal grease

The thermal paste can generally be classified as conductive and non-conductive. Conductive types are based on silver, aluminum, and copper, while non-conductive types are zinc and silicone thermal greases. 1

The qualities of thermal pastes may differ in their cooling efficiency, composition, and price. Therefore, consider obtaining quality thermal grease according to the type of system you are operating and for how long you want the cooling effect to last.

How to know if your thermal paste is expired?

When you press the tube of thermal paste, and the compost drains watery or pointed, then it’s time for you to discard the entire tube. An expired CPU thermal paste can also harden or dry out.

It is recommended to check the thermal paste before applying it if it is an oily and soft liquid.

Be sure to store the thermal grease in a cool, dark room to prevent it from expiring too soon. two

Why does the thermal paste expire?

The validity of a thermal paste depends on its content, which can dry out or harden over time. After using the thermal paste once or twice, we tend to forget to preserve it for the next use.

Improper storage will damage composite solvents and dry out in a month. In the computer system, overuse and unstable ambient temperature can also cause the paste to wear out more quickly. two

How to properly store the thermal paste and extend its useful life?

Do people question how long the thermal paste in the tube lasts? Temperature, humidity, and maintenance in low exposure to light are the steps you want to observe for the proper storage of the thermal paste. 3

Storing the thermal paste in a suitable, cool, and dark place should provide a useful life of about two years. Make sure the cover is securely closed and keep it out of direct sunlight. 3

You can also vacuum seal it for longevity.

Thermal paste replacement

If the temperature of your CPU is too high, consider replacing the thermal grease, as you may experience loss of performance. As long as the processor temperature is normal, you do not need to replace the thermal grease. 3

However, you can reapply the thermal paste if the system temperature rises. You can find thermal folders at any local store at reasonable prices.


Undoubtedly, the price of your CPU is much higher than that of a thermal paste, so avoid the risk of not using it. The use of thermal compounds will cool the CPU temperature and make your systems run faster without delay.

Be aware of using the wrong folder, which can overheat and damage your system. Make sure you choose the right thermal compound for your computer.

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