11 Best Overclocking Software for Windows

11 Best Overclocking Software for Windows

Do you feel that your PC’s performance has greatly decreased over time? Then, consider giving the necessary boost with good overclocking software for your Windows 10 PC.

11 Best Overclocking Software for Windows

I’ve never heard of one, well, let’s learn some basics about it first.

What is overclocking software?

The high energy consumed by various system resources can often result in slow system performance. In addition, limited factory settings can also be a good cause of reduced system speed. An overclocking tool is the answer to all of these problems and would make your PC run more smoothly and efficiently.

These tools allow you to set a higher rate or clock multiplier number than the standard numbers defined for the BIOS. With higher limits, your system’s CPU and GPU are forced to process more operations per second, which increases the speed and performance of your Windows PC.

The obvious reason for using tools is to improve your PC’s performance, in addition, they also help with better graphics and smoother actions.

Point of caution: With all the positives, overclocking also has its negatives. Unmonitored use of such software can result in excess heat production. Therefore, choosing the best overclocking software for GPU (VGA) and CPU is highly crucial to the overall health of your PC.

Now, take a look at our list of the best GPU / CPU overclocking software that will help you safely overclock system hardware in 2020.

The 11 best overclocking software for GPU and CPU :

1. MSI Afterburner

This energetic software wins first place on our list for reasonably good reasons. It is one of the best GPU overclocking software with which you can explore the true limits of your graphics card’s settings.

It is free software that comes with easy to use features and a wide variety of features to offer. It works perfectly with most graphics cards available on the market and provides an elaborate report of all system hardware. It also provides real-time numbers of voltage, GPU usage, temperature, and clock speed.

In addition, the custom fan profile feature aims to strike a perfect balance between improved performance and overheating. Take full control of your graphics cards with this zero-priced software.

The main highlights of MSI Afterburner in a nutshell:

  • Compatible with several graphics cards.
  • Free of cost.
  • Ability to adjust GPU voltage and fan speed.
  • It can provide real-time information about your PC’s hardware and its performance.

2. EVGA Precision X

Next, in our list of the best and most popular overclocking software for Windows 10 is EVGA Precision X. The software is compatible with several graphics cards from Nvidia and aims to adjust them with voltage, memory, and GPU controls.

It supports several system components and is equipped with a modern and easy to use interface. The OSD interface with RGB color support, fan control with a custom fan curve, and custom system profiling using Pixel Clock Overclocking or hotkeys are some of its notable offerings.

  • Improves game speed.
  • It provides an easy mechanism to control and increase the fan speed voltage.
  • It supports about 10 different overclocking configurations with easy switching.

3. CPU-Z

With an unbeatable ability to adjust and overclock system memory, CPU, and other hardware components, CPU-Z deserves a place among the best Overclocking Software. It works on a comprehensive approach and is completely free.

It was designed to verify and monitor some of the main components of the system, including processor name, code name, cache levels, processes, and numbers. Along with memory size, motherboard, chipset, module specifications, and real-time memory frequency numbers.

In addition, it also allows you to check the voltage, temperature, memory clock, fan speed, CPU load, and time values ​​of your system.

With all the functionality provided, it offers a simple way to set and monitor your system’s clock speed. Try the best CPU overclocking software today.

4. GPU-Z

Next, in our list of the best overclocking software for Windows is GPU-Z. It was developed specifically to monitor graphics cards and document their performance. However, on the other hand, CPU-Z focuses on RAM and the system’s CPU.

It supports almost all major brands of GPUs, including ATI, NVIDIA, AMD, Intel Graphics and more. It maintains and verifies the graphical hardware settings and observes the memory clock, size, GPU clock and temperature.

It comes with a user-friendly interface and can create and backup your graphics card’s BIOS. The software works perfectly well on several Windows versions and does not require installation.

5. NVIDIA inspector

The underlying functionality of NVIDIA Inspector is to analyze and display information related to your graphics card, but it also works well as GPU overclocking software.

The tool can be used to check your system’s temperature, clock speed, GPU clock, fan voltage, and memory clock. The software comes with a user-friendly interface but has limited resources to offer.

You cannot use it to monitor the stability of your system.

6. ASUS GPU Tweak

Next on our list is this feature-rich software from the well-known brand “Asus”. It comes with a friendly interface and offers serious functionality. Use it to change and manage the main processing and memory for your graphics cards and voltage.

However, if you want to use it to manage the temperature and stability of your system, you will need software.

7. AMD Ryzen Master

Ryzen Master is an AMD product, built specifically to meet the needs of its users. AMD product users can use it to monitor and manage the performance of the system’s GPU, CPU, and RAM.

You can use it to overclock the RAM and CPU cores to increase system performance. In addition, status monitoring features also provide real-time data on system performance, temperature, voltage settings, processor clock, and more.

Use it to customize and manage the system to suit your needs.

8. GMA Booster

The next tool you can choose to increase and optimize your GPU’s performance is the GMA Booster. It comes with a friendly interface, but with limited functionality. Currently, it only supports 900 and 950 GMA chipsets.

However, according to its developer, Intel will soon be able to support the GMA X3100 and X4500 chipsets soon.

It is free overclocking software and can work additionally on Linux and Mac OS devices.

9. ATI tray tools

ATI Tray Tools are designed specifically for ATI cards. It is a small and practical tool that is quietly in the background and allows you to overclock the graphics cards of the system.

With this fantastic tweaker, you can monitor the temperature and enjoy automatic overclocking in 3D mode. Use it to adjust various hardware components of your system for optimal levels of performance.

The pre-application feature is its main highlight, which allows overclocking of figures in relation to predefined profiles. Enjoy access to OpenGL settings for overclocking, Direct3D, and more with this best overclocking software for Windows 10)

10) Riva Tuner

Riva Tuner is complete overclocking software for all Nvidia and ATI graphics cards. Use it to adjust and manage system memory, fan speed and performance, and more.

It offers a good way to control system overheating and speed up the overall performance of your PC. It comes with a massive profiling system, with customized settings and real-time hardware monitoring capabilities.

11) SetFSB

With its ability to change and adjust your system’s FSB (Front Side Bus) settings, SetFSB deserves a place on our list of the best overclocking software for GPU and CPU.

The FSB forms the main connection between the system memory and the CPU, which means that any correct changes will increase the speed of the system. Good speed means better system performance.

Final Words

Are you still dealing with the slow speed of the system? Improving your overall performance and performance is just a few steps away, with good overclocking software for Windows 10. This software are compatible with multiple graphics cards and support smooth and effortless system operation.

What are you waiting for? Choose one according to your needs and maximize your computer’s performance quickly.

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