How to Update CyberPanel Fast and Easily

How to update CyberPanel

Good morning, fellows! ? This morning one of my CyberPanel servers is down, apparently due to its full space storage (HDD/SSD). The solution is easy if this. Well, all I check the panel, it turns out there is an update to version 1.9.0, while I still use 1.8.4.

How to update CyberPanel

Yes obviously want me to upgrade CyberPanel to the latest version. But unfortunately even in the Description of Version Management “he said” can update from the panel directly, it turns out there is no option. Maybe in the future?

Finally, I am looking for how to update CyberPanel, and indeed still need SSH access to the server to do so. One-on-one executions in sequence:

rm -f

I highly recommend backing up your website data before running the update process. The length of the CyberPanel upgrade process and its completeness (OpenLiteSpeed, MariaDB, PHP, and so on) I observed over 15 minutes.