How to take Screenshot on Packard Bell laptop

How to take Screenshot on packard bell laptop

The need to save the current information presented on the laptop screen comes up quite often. Screenshots are needed both in the process of doing important work and to save certain moments during the game or correspondence. To save what’s happening on the monitor, you don’t have to waste a lot of time and install additional utilities. Want to know how to take a screenshot on a Packard bell laptop? Read on!

How to take Screenshot on packard bell laptop

Some users store entire files of important screenshots.

How to take Screenshot on Packard Bell laptop

Keyboard tricks

Developers have long envisioned the ability to save images from the monitor by adding some PrtSc SysRq key on the keyboard. It can be called differently on different devices (prt sc, Print Screen, etc.), but it has a function to “capture” what is happening in the form of a JPG file. It is not difficult to find it, because in most cases it is installed in the upper right. The short name is given on small keyboards, here PrtScr is seen most often.

If you want to “capture” the screen on the device, this option alone may not be enough. Try pressing the PrtSc Fn key combination. These combinations are used on small devices with a truncated keyboard. At the bottom of the keyboard, there is the Fn key, and only with its help, you can activate several useful buttons.

Holding Fn PrtScr, you can save what happens at a given moment in the device’s memory. The screen capture, in this case, falls into the so-called clipboard. To see the image of what you were able to save, you will have to perform another additional action.

Savings screen

Thus, the image on the screen was saved in the computer’s temporary memory. If you restart the laptop now, again you will never be able to see this image. Screenshots are saved as graphic files using standard editors. For us, the standard Windows editor, and sophisticated Photoshop, small in size, but very useful in Picasa or FastStone, are adequate. The choice of the program is not fundamental, the main thing is that you have at least one list and know how to use it. Can’t find the right utility? In this case, open Paint, this program is probably provided by default for any netbook.

Having dealt with the tool for working with graphics, open the selected utility, and create a new file (usually the key combination Ctrl N help). Now just insert an element previously copied in the displayed window. This is done in different ways:

Step by step

  1. Edit Paste.
  2. The combination of Ctrl V buttons.
  3. Right-click in the editor field, where there is an item “Paste”.

When selecting any of the options, you will get the same result the file with the image of what is happening on the screen will appear in the editor.

To find out how to take a screenshot on a laptop, you don’t have to be a big expert, you just need to have basic PC skills. The image that you managed to transfer to Paint or Photoshop, remains only to save. This is a trivial operation, which everyone probably knows about (Ctrl S or “Save as …”). After that, you can edit the file and, if necessary, transfer it to another user.

Due to their performance and high quality, HP laptops are leaders among other computers available on the market. Screen capture on an HP laptop can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it. There are at least three ways to do this, each of which is equally good.

On the keyboard of most computers, there is a special key to create screenshots of the screen and HP is no exception. By default, it is located in the upper right corner. Then, follow these steps to capture the screen on an HP laptop using the keyboard. This is one of the easiest ways to take a screenshot.

However, with it you can capture only the entire screen or the active window, you cannot select the save area manually. But it is not so scary, any screenshot can be cut easily in any image editing program, which in any case will have to be used to save the screenshot.


The screenshot was taken by pressing the “PrtSc” button

Step 1 Open the window you want to capture on the screen. Press the “PrtSc” key on the keyboard once. When clicked, the snapshot is automatically saved to the computer’s clipboard. It should be noted that when you press “PrtSc” on the keyboard, it remembers and copies everything on the screen, that is, the entire screen. If you need to capture only the active window, which you are currently using, use the keyboard shortcut: “Alt PrtSc”.

Step 2 Open any drawing program on your laptop. Even Paint is suitable for this purpose. You will see an empty white box. This is where you need to insert a screenshot.

Step 3 When the screenshot appears in the Paint window, save it as a normal image.

If this method doesn’t work, don’t be discouraged, as is e. Just go to the next solution.

Using the Scissors widget

The Scissors tool is available by default in Windows 7 and later. This amazing free app allows you to take a screenshot of any area of ​​the screen. The best part is that it is installed by default on all computers and laptops.

Step 1 Using the search bar on the Start menu, locate the Scissors widget among the installed programs. It is usually located in the Standard folder, in the same location as Paint and other programs.

Step 2 Run the program. Click the “Create” button to select an area to save.

Step 3 Select an area and release the cursor. The cropped image will now be available in the tool. You can edit it directly in the application and finally save it on your computer.

This is a 100% working method that you should have no problems with. It is integrated into all computers and laptops in Windows. In addition to them, there are other programs to capture the screen.

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