Genshin Impact: 10 tips for getting started well in RPG

Genshin Impact: 10 tips for getting started well in RPG

Here are recommendations for beginners and how to take advantage of the best characters and resources to not get completely lost in the game.

Genshin Impact: 10 tips for getting started well in RPG

Playing Genshin Impact and enjoying everything that the big map and numerous characters have to offer demands time and knowledge. Therefore, to help in this process here you will find tips to facilitate your journey as you enter the wonderful world of gacha style RPG developed by miHoYo.

1) Don’t stick to the initial characters

The first characters unlocked through the story (Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa) help to test certain synergies and mechanics that the game has to offer, but they are not the most powerful, especially for combat.

It doesn’t take long to reach the point at which the game features the Wishes system, by which it is possible to get new characters. Therefore, do not invest resources in making them Ascend or Artifacts, since, later on, specific items will be needed for more valuable characters.

However, none of this applies to the Traveler, male or female protagonist of the game. This may not be the one that causes the most damage, but because it is from the Anemo element, it can catalyze and increase the impact of all other abilities, so it is recommended to keep it at the minimum level for combat.

2) Focus on just a few characters

As much as conquering items may seem simple, with the player’s progress, increasingly rare items are needed, so don’t spend them all by increasing the level of absolutely all your character.

After building a good team, focus on the key characters and not even all four. For example, if you only have what it takes to maintain a more powerful character, focus your efforts on the one that does the most damage.

3) Always think about synergies and reactions between elements

The synergies and reactions between the elements of Genshin Impact are among the most impacting mechanics in the game. Only by making the most of them will the player be able to deal with the most difficult challenges of the game, such as the more advanced levels of the Spiral Abyss, for example.

Our team building guide also explains how certain elements behave and what generates specific reactions.

4) Remember the Elemental Resonance

In addition to taking into account the synergies and reactions between the skills of the characters, the presence of certain elements in your team, by itself, can generate benefits.

This buff is called Elemental Resonance and can be seen on the teaming screen and is activated if there are no repeated elements or at least two with the same element.

These improvements can assist with more damage, stamina, increased power for certain abilities, and as they are four members on the team, up to two can be generated simultaneously.

5) Don’t forget the statues and teleports

A quick recommendation: take the time to go out on the game map in search of Torres dos Sete and teleportation points. In addition to providing a small experience bonus, it will also speed up your movement on several occasions.

6) Invest the Primo Gems given at the beginning of the game

The Primo Gems as well as other items are given at random at the start of the game and are used for various transactions, the most striking of them is to buy Family Destinations and intertwined, for example, to make invocations of characters through desires.

As much as the game offers a lot of this feature at the beginning, don’t spend it unnecessarily, as it advances more scarce and more necessary.

7) Stick to Anemoculus and Geoculus

In the beginning, the game features anemoculus, items scattered around the map used to improve the statue. Later on, Geoculus will also be shown, which serve the same thing, but in another region in the game.

It is not necessary to make them your priority, but do not ignore them if you find one on the way, after all, by adding a certain amount, it is possible to improve statue and thereby increase your energy level and gain experience points.

8) Manage your Resin

Resin is one of the features that becomes extremely important as the game progresses. At first, it may not seem so useful, but as you progress and unlock new activities, it becomes indispensable.

As soon as your goal starts to involve spending resin to earn rewards, try to complete part of them before anything so that the resin recovers over time and there is no need to spend Primo Gems to replace it.

9) Don’t spend the revenue

When cooking in the game, whether to recover hit points or earn other bonuses, you can use recipes to improve your results. The tip about this is: don’t do it even if your life literally depends on it.

The recipes can be used to give characters experience in exorbitant amounts and are best spent in this way.

10) Be careful with invocations

The Wishes system is, without a doubt, what generates the most motivation in the game, after all, who doesn’t want to get that five-star character?

However, invest wisely. The biggest tip is to never spend to make just one wish, invoking ten at a time has many benefits.

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